UNITECH, LLC performs both one-of-a-kind orders and serial (off-the-shelf) orders on manufacture of various products (machine components, parts, metalware, etc.) from engineering drawings provided by a Customer. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to accomplish the complete cycle of metal processing, including different types of metal machine working (turning, milling, flat and circular grinding, coordinate boring, etc.), heat treatment, welding.


UNITECH, LLC can manufacture an article by its original sample and our experienced designers will develop and draw up a complete set of design documentation (component drawings, assembly drawings, specifications, etc.) on the product 

The main goal of UNITECH, LLC is to provide the highest quality of the products manufactured by our Company, the unconditional fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of our clients, as well as full compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements for the products. 

Efficiently functioning Quality Management System ensures the highest quality of UNITECH products, their competitiveness, as well as total elimination of risks for the Customers. 

UNITECH, LLC Quality Management System is certified and complies the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001.